Saigon Meditation Project Mobile App

Saigon Meditation Project mobile app is a free app for everyone with library of dharma talks, guided meditation and relaxation scripts. Most of the content is from Sayadaw U Jotika’s and Sayadaw Tam Phap’s teachings. Please note that in order to seriously learn and practise meditation, you need to attend formal classes with meditation masters. All the information shared in this app should be only your pure source of reference, inspiration and motivation to find your way to mindfulness and living the right way, according to dharma.

Download the app from the approriate links below.

If you can regularly practise short relaxation sessions (10-20 minutes), it would certainly let your mind rest in the most effective manner. That’s when your mental energy is refilled, re-charged, and renewed. After awhile, if you have tried those guided relaxation and meditation scripts daily and found it beneficial to your life, you should invest more into it, by attending formal meditation classes with official guidances from meditation masters. For Vipassana tradition, you can look up Theravada meditation centers nearby and see if you can find suitable retreats there to attend.

Besides those dharma talks and guided scripts, SMP app also provides meditation bells with different time intervals, as well as the reminder bells in between. It’s useful for meditators to use at home.

Hope this small app can be beneficial to everyone as well as can be the source of inspiration and motivation to all meditators. May all of peace and mindfulness stay with you.

Below are captured screens of the mobile app

SMP Mobile Team

This small app has been developed and maintained by SMP Mobile Team with following members: Tài Lê – the developer, Minh Trần – the UX/UI designer, and Việt Hùng – The producer cum product manager.

May all the peace and mindfulness stay with you.